And The Knitting Project Backlog Grows Ever Longer


I am slowly making my way through my Christmas to knit / to sew list. I am making cot quilts for the twins, which will also keep them snuggly on the plane, cardigans to keep them warm in the Arctic temperatures we might get in London in January and a hat for my Dad, to replace the hat that Mum says makes him look like a leprechaun.

I will post pictures as soon as my Christmas projects are finished, but in the meantime I couldn’t resist posting the link to this post from Filminthefridge. How great are these baby trousers / leggings?! I leave for the UK on 4th January – is there really enough time to knit two pairs of these? I think I know the answer to this, but then I’m an optimist who likes to leave things to the last minute – just maybe I could fit these in…


About Holly Gage

I am a Brit living and working in Singapore. I'm also a bit of a craft magpie - my yarn stash moved to Singapore with me and has continued to expand, despite the lack of need for wool in the tropics! I've just taken up sewing recently and have found that as with knitting the joy starts with the raw materials - so I have built up a fabric stash now as well, to keep the yarn company. This blog is a record of my attempts to turn some of this stash into something more tangible.
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